You can find me at a community clinic in Austin some days and in clinics in El Paso others. Most of my time, though, is dedicated to healing the healers. This takes various forms from meeting with healers to brainstorm how they can get out of the assembly-line medicine. To bringing healthcare professionals together over a delicious dinner. I’m also a generous surprise gift giver and will show up on your clinic or home door step to brighten your day with a coffee, a dance or just a hug.

I’ve also moved into the world of light and story coaching. I help you tell your story and shine up your light so that you can prosper, thrive, and inspire others to do the same. I love providing the tools and assigning homework that will help you reach your highest self, which will only happen with those who are truly prepared for greatness.

If this is you, contact me for a consult. Or check out these packages and see if one fits your needs:

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