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A Healing Healthcare Campaign

I’ve been envisioning a new paradigm in healthcare for what seems like forever. In college, I drew a traditionally styled home with a wrap around porch, a garden, huge windows, a big, open kitchen and lots of green all around in East Austin. When I bought my home, it was eerily familiar and looks a lot […]

Shiny Healthy SXSW

Once again, my most favorite time of the year, SXSW 2017!! It has taken on a whole new life this year, since I’ve entered the soberista world and have elevated my food as medicine drug, but honestly it feels better than ever. I woke up after having a dream about my dad, who passed in […]

Dementia and A Call To Return To The Village

When my dad was at his worst, I was desperate for friends and family. I moved back to El Paso on two occasions to try to help him, but mostly provide respite for my mom who was his main caretaker for 13 years at that time. I was proud, too proud, a trait carried on […]

Good Girl Gut

We know you well, good girl gut. It’s the gut that took us through our pre-teens full of belly aches galore. The one that had you under chronic care of a doctor who called it ‘functional abdominal pain’ and pumped you full of reflux drugs and maybe some pain medicine. It’s the reason I stayed […]


There was a time I hated cilantro. Before I was re-introduced to my Mexican roots, I really disliked the herb. It tasted like soap to me, which makes sense as it is a great detoxifier. Now I won’t say I love it, but I am very apt to adding cilantro into my diet on a regular […]

4- Ingredient Cookies!

This recipe is modified from multiple ones online. Justin’s sister made some with 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar, 1 egg and sprinkle of salt. He came home raving about them so naturally, I took it as a challenge to healthy them up. I served them at my get- together last night and […]

Bye Bye 2016!

A couple days ago, Justin and I ran worked through a 90-minute Vision Day experience with Andy Drish, a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Foundation. Though it wasn’t J’s style, he suffered through, we had some laughs and I believe we finished with a strong idea of how we will live our next 365 days. […]

Real Food Revolution

Yesterday a big wig in the healthy living world came after me for using their name. A name and program that I’ve been freely advertising for four years, I was essentially a live sales funnel for them. I would send people to their website, their book, their videos, recipes and lists. I’ve studied and practiced […]