There was a time I hated cilantro. Before I was re-introduced to my Mexican roots, I really disliked the herb. It tasted like soap to me, which makes sense as it is a great detoxifier. Now I won’t say I love it, but I am very apt to adding cilantro into my diet on a regular basis. I’ll add it to my pesto, my morning tea, smoothie or on top of a salad. It’s a really wonderful, easy way to boost your methylfolate (a biologically active form of folate), calcium, potassium, manganese and iron. It’s also high in antioxidants and is part of a common regimen for heavy metal detox. Cilantro extracts metals out of the bones and tissues to be removed by liver and bowels. It is especially helpful in pulling out Mercury which is found in dental fillings, vaccines and large fish. Early on in my dad’s Alzheimer’s journey, my momma tried everything fringe and conventional to get him well. She took him to a doctor that started my dad on cilantro, oregano and chlorella in the 1990’s.

You want to add in chlorella to your regimen as well, because once you start mobilizing the metals out of your bones and tissues, they need to get the heck out of the body. Chlorella binds the metals and facilitates them out.

There can also be side effects to detoxing with cilantro and chlorella, so if you start noticing some strange changes, check in with your healthcare professional before you continue.


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