Bye Bye 2016!

A couple days ago, Justin and I ran worked through a 90-minute Vision Day experience with Andy Drish, a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Foundation. Though it wasn’t J’s style, he suffered through, we had some laughs and I believe we finished with a strong idea of how we will live our next 365 days. Through the prep process, I went through, month by month and jotted down highs and lows of 2016. It was powerful. I cried. I got angry. I laughed. I longed. I regretted. And I loved. A lot. I usually do this on FB, but as I am trying to divorce the land of the middleman, I am doing my year round-up here on Shiny Healthy People. I recommend you do this exercise and just stream of consciousness write all that comes to your brilliant brain. Then you can put a bow on it, give it a name, send it off and get ready for the next step.

If you follow numerology, you know that 2016 was a 9. Nines are for wrapping up loose ends, it means completion. It was a time for dark nights, rock bottoms and figuring out what isn’t working in our lives. 2017 is a one, which means freshness, new beginnings, ideas and projects. One also represents leadership. If you are called to lead, teach, bring light into the world, this is your year. We’ve read all the books, listened to the podcasts, taken the workshops, met in masterminds, signed up and almost finished online courses, we’re as intellectually prepared as our teachers. We get the principles, we’ve acquired certifications and have the tools. And NOW is the time to get in there. 2017 is the time to apply, to release, to get the hell out there and do your thing, chicken wing. Commit with a lot grit and a little grace and just do it. F confidence. We’re all lacking it, confidence comes with practice and repetition. Once you put yourself out there enough, it becomes your reality and from there confidence manifests. “Your good intentions are not good enough, your willingness is everything” – ACIM. Massive focused action is the motto for 2017. Decide to do it or not, the choice is always yours. And of course lead with love and only love. Love is the great accelerator.

Here We Go:

2016: Medical Journal check. Faculty. David Bowie. Adventure with Jun. MADONNA!! Escape Fire. Pesticide Exposure. MAGS. the enormous loss, too young. fuck the NRA. La Vida Rica Roving Supper Club begins!! Mexico trip, planned and cancelled. Stupid Zika, governments method to elicit fear. birthday supper club. sat next to Kimball Musk. The Kitchen, Lauren, best bartender in Boulder. Sean and Addie. corn tortillas. SXSW magic. Community. Phil’s Camino. Annie. Karin. Carol. Doug. Phil. Rebecca. Patrick. Zach. Ira. Birbiglia. Decided food was the great super connector. Healing the Healers. Shattered heart. No more trust. Dingus Day. Prince. Red Rocks adventure. $200 cab ride, bonding, love. Trust returns. Paul Simon and dad, thanks Paul! Willed Body Ceremony. Miggy. Ashley. SF trip with my sissy, midge and Z. hilarity erupts at theatre making stories up about their ritual. Layla. Huff Post on opiods. emailed clay Johnston. Pamela. Orlando. Midget GRADUATES. JAM born. Do No Harm. First father’s day without my dad. Justin’s birthday. Mom Cancer. Saldivar. Spears. Best Nurses. Christi! Tia. Liz. Justin comes to my rescue. Cancer removed. Mom alive and well. Greenbelt trip with dad on dog tag. Met J’s grandparents in the middle of America. Family LOVE. Maine trip. Kayaking, swimming, nature. Whale Watching. Family. NYC. Brooklyn. Marcy Projects. Pig and Khao. 1st Podcast interview. Road tripping. 5,000 miles. Mom and me. Yosemite. Elvis on the radio, dad all around. Visiting cousins. Mom terrible photographer. Carla. Side of the road thai food. Burney Falls. Mango Sticky Rice. Erich, Suzan, Kamila. Esther, Vince, Wyatt, Johnnie, DZ, John, Nancy. Port Townsend, summer home? The Beach. Walked Phil’s Camino. Fell in love with Phil and Rebecca. Hospital visit. Met the chemo family. COMMUNITY!! Rough road trip. Canyonlands. Arches. MOAB. Windy camping, thought we were going to get blown away. Rasa. 10,000 Waves. Homemade chocolate, delicious. Next career? ACL. Willie, me and bee. Radiohead, Mumford and Sons. More medical journal articles. House destroyed by Mexicans. Austin Film Fest. got bee necklace from Addie. Volunteered at ARCH. Photoshoot with Jerra. Shawn. 10-day cleanse. success! Partnered with medicine woman. Cubs WIN World Series!! Ginger goes to hang out with pops. First Healing the Healers dinner, so wonderfully wonderful. Gina’s Birthday, much fun. Thanksgiving. Shared trauma on animal abuse and sensitivity. Being home. Roxie and Jeni, brightest lights in all the world. Hilarious board game. Humming. Diaper change on dinner table. We are the luckiest people alive. Lauryn Hill. Predicted P-E DT before I went to sleep. Collective dark night of the soul for our world. Hope erupted when it should not have. LW warmth. Broke up with medicine woman. Standing Rock. Nikki. Best Functional Forum. PNS Peddler. Breathe. La Vida Rica beautiful Gratitude dinner! Saw Jenn shine brightly, so much pride for my sister. Christmas brunch at mels. Short selfie stick. J and I played golf in December. Day with my sissy, so much love. LVR H the H idea. Found puppy. Justin followed flow to find CJs home. Camille shining, getting into her groove. Dismantling of patriarchy, hierarchy, competition against others. Embracing the sisterhood. Rise from the fall. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. YOU CAN DO ANYHING!!

Whew!! My 2016 was all about people, connections, community and food. I also found my voice and an even deeper sense of my purpose. I’ve learned to love through all the discomfort, worry, unknown, pain, and anger. Besides the people in my life,who will always be my greatest teachers, my lessons learned came from stillness, meditation and breath. So as I do everyday of my life, I implore you to find a way to mindfulness, whatever that means for you. Going still and silent will be your strongest most powerful medicine that will lead you to be your best in 2017.

Yes, 2017 will still bring more suffering, struggle, pain and concern, but it just means we have to step up now, take control and do what is right and just. We’ve spent enough time thinking, planning, talking and calculating, it’s time to start doing. Deal?

See you next year, loves!



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