Real Food Revolution

Yesterday a big wig in the healthy living world came after me for using their name. A name and program that I’ve been freely advertising for four years, I was essentially a live sales funnel for them. I would send people to their website, their book, their videos, recipes and lists. I’ve studied and practiced so many different programs and after a few adaptations, I found that this particular one was the simplest for my patients to follow. When I worked in a more affluent community, I had no problem sending my folks to buy the book and enroll in their program. But most of my work in underserved communities prohibited this, as many do not have a phone or access to the internet.

So instead of referring to this particular program any longer, I’ve decided to create my own. Over the years, I’ve attended conferences, online CMEs and studied nutrition. I will use principles received from Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. Sarah Halberg, Dr. Mark Hyman, John Bagnulo and blend them with my experience with patients as well as my own health. What I have developed is nothing new, it simply has my twist and my flavor to it. My recipes will have a lot of Latin and Asian influence, as those are my roots.

You can’t monopolize healthy living. You just can’t. Shame on you if you decide to do this. Nutrition education is a huge void in healthcare, even those delivering the care are deficient in this. My first step in the Real Food Revolution will start with La Vida Rica Clean & Clear Plan. I’ll start with a 10-day food and wellness program that begins on January 11th and ends on January 20th. I’ll send you recipes, meal plans and wellness tips and tools. And you’ll get to join our SHP facebook group if you wish and have direct access to me!!

If you want in, send me an email. It’s erica (dot) benedicto (at) gmail (dot) coom

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