“You’ll believe it when you see it” – Wayne Dyer

A few days ago, a colleague of mine had a pre-med student with him in clinic. He was a real go-getter type with dreams of revolutionizing the healthcare system. He is one of the many reasons I am totally in awe of younger generations, they’re just so unbelievably passionate about serving others. The nurse was discharging a patient and asked my colleague about something they had talked about, “it’s called Milk Thistle, please write it down in his discharge papers”. He was likely recommending it for liver support or high LDL cholesterol. The nurse responded “You know he’s not going to go out and buy it, right?” My doctor friend said “We talked about it, he was interested, he’ll buy it”. Quietly but audibly enough for us to hear, the pre-med student followed with “Believe, you have to believe”.

I loved this. I loved hearing these words come out of this 20-somethings mouth in response to our typically labeled “non-compliant, lazy, uninterested in their health” population. It’s a refreshing reminder that we as partners in health must believe in our patients and their ability to take control of their health. If you take the time to sit and talk to your patients, you’ll see that no one wants to be sick. That most humans intuitively know that the body has an incredible self-healing capacity as long as it is receiving the right fuel. That many have succumbed to the idea of illness and disease as a genetic destiny or lifelong label, simply because that is what the healthcare system, insurance companies, doctors, PAs, NPs, nurses, MAs and others have told them time and time again.

The lexicon has to shift in order for the healthcare system to. We have to stop looking at our patients as ‘non-compliant’ and ask ourselves what are we doing to help engage them. When we tell our co-workers that patients are just ‘lazy and don’t want to exercise’ that ripples out into the ether and is adopted as the standard for everyone. It becomes a collective consciousness and then everyone, including the patient, owns that as their reality.

Our words become our world. The words we use to talk to ourselves, the words we use to speak to others, carry a heavy weight. Stop saying that “I have cancer because everyone in my family does” or “You have diabetes because your mom and dad have it”. Look into epigenetics and learn that your genes are only 20% of the equation. That the other 80% involves your lifestyle, how you eat, what you eat, who you interact with, how much you get outside, how often you move your bones, the quality of your sleep, how much alcohol you consume, the support of your social circle. It even depends on the words you use, the beliefs you maintain, the trauma you hold on to, the news you watch, your sense of purpose, how many hugs you give and get and on and on.

During SXSW, a friend of mine did something pretty shitty to a few people who were trying to do a good deed. This person broke my heart because I believed so fiercely that greed was not part of their operation. I talked to multiple people about keeping my mouth shut or speaking out. Then I spoke to my sister and she said “Cookie monster, people need other people to believe in them, this is the only way they can feel empowered to rise up and fulfill their highest self.” It took me a while to take her words in as I was fairly hurt and disappointed, but then slowly they became my truth. From the simplest deed to the most complex, we need others to believe in us.

This is incredibly important to me in my work with patients. Sometimes our patients have never had anyone who believed in them. Can you imagine living your life this way? So when they come to us for health and healing, we can start with the belief that they can reverse their diabetes, they can lose the 20 pounds, they can add a few vegetables a day to their diet. And sometimes, it means just shutting up, keeping your opinions to yourself and believing in others with your energy, because that’s a powerful tool as well.

That patient needed my colleague and his student to believe that he will buy the milk thistle as the first step to taking control of his health. Same for my friend. When we support and believe in others, it ignites self-belief and a chain reaction leading them to their highest potential. When you believe that strongly in yourself, it does the same.



My EO Travel First Aid Kit!

I’ve become more grateful for my essential oils in the last few months. After having a cancer scare in the family and using them at work regularly, I feel like we need to get the word out for sure. It’s definitely easier than squeezing an organic lemon peel to get the oil or stuffing a eucalyptus tree into your suitcase.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. They’re like taking nature and bottling it into an easy peasy bottle. Research studies on EO’s show positive effects for loads of health issues like infections, pain, anxiety, depression, tumors, PMS, nausea, and even cancer. It is another tool to take control of your health by having them available to you without having to go to a doctor or healthcare practitioner.

But like everything else, even water, you have to be smart about using them. They have side effects, though much less than synthetic drugs, as well as rules about using them on certain populations for certain ailments. Clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities are using aromatherapy for a variety of uses.

EO’s work by being:

  • Applied to the skin
  • Inhaled
  • Ingested

Topically: Since our skin is permeable, the essential oil can deliver a treatment much like nicotine patches or anti-inflammatory cream. There are some oils that are considered ‘hot’ and should be used with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba.

Inhaled: Our olfactory system is the one responsible for all the organs and relating to the sense of smell. When we inhale an EO, airborne molecules interact with the olfactory organs followed by the brain. When we inhale, the molecules travel through the nose and cause effects in the brain. One of the receptor sites is called the limbic system, which is our emotional brain. This system is connected to those parts that control heart rate, stress, hormones, memory, breathing and blood pressure. That’s why smells can trigger emotions! You can also use a diffuser to infuse into the air with one or more of your favorite EO’s and create an area of alertness or calming or brain power. I do this at work depending on the day and hour.

Ingested: I am still getting familiar with using EO’s internally. I have used them for bladder infections and reflux, placing one or two drops in water or honey. Do you research before you start ingesting them and consult with a professional if need be to determine the best method.

Like all recommendations I make on here, please be mindful and cautious when starting your journey with EO’s. They are fabulous, but don’t go overboard without doing your research first.

Since I recently traveled and had to pack light, I only brought a few oils with me. This is my Travel First Aid Kit:

(I only use Young Living oils because I know and trust their Seed to Seal promise and therapeutic grade product)

lavender: the quintessential essential oil. It’s uses abound from scrapes, burns, and bruises. My boo got a sunburn and since we didn’t have aloe on hand, he applied lavender for immediate relief. It’s also good for mental calming, reduces stress and anxiety. It heals burns and scrapes. I also applied to my pillow cases to help me get some quality zzzz’s.

peppermint: I used this one like crazy on my travels for my nausea on planes and boats. It’s also helps with cramps, indigestion, irritatable bowel and gas. Respiratory-wise, it’s great for colds, congestion and works great to clear up phlegm. Peppermint oil is also healing for muscle aches and soreness as well as headaches. I also love this oil mixed with water to repel bugs and critters. I began using it last year and I haven’t seen a single cockroach in or around mi casa. Pretty epic. Use with a carrier oil if applying topically!

thieves: I never leave home without thieves, it’s good for everything from helping your immune system to quick-cleaning of environment. I had a cold sore during my travels (lots ‘o stress!) and used this to zap it up fast, works the same for pimples. I have a little spray bottle and will spray the sheets and bedding down before sleep to do a quick clean, plus spray in front of the A/C. I love it for colds, congestion and respiratory issues in a steam pot. And if I feel the onset of illness, I’ll put 2 drops in a cup of tea and immediately feel better.

lemon: another renaissance EO, this one can be used to increase focus, concentration and boost our mood. It’s also good for waking up. It works as an anti-infection, astringent, helps in detoxing, and disinfectant. I like 2 drops in water if I’m having any digestion issues. Apply it directly to skin to repel mosquitos, with eucalyptus and peppermint.

frankincense: the KING of oils. This is my favorite to use for any itchiness. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes (didn’t spray my homemade bug-off) in Maine and had instant relief from the bites after applying the king. It’s a strong anti-inflammatory and works well for swelling and pain. I also diffused this throughout my mom’s hospital stay for its anti-cancer properties that have been studied.

If you want to learn more, you’re in luck! There is an awesome Essential Oils Revolution 2 Summit coming up next week!

Here is the registration link: