1. fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or a fault).

Once you have your food, stress, sleep, play, movement and community in check (easy peasy, right?), then you can start the repair process. Your body’s natural healing ability should start taking over and you’re just responsible for giving it a little nudge. After years of compromised gut-health, stress and inflammation, the body needs time to get to the point of self-healing.  This part can be helped through supplements like L-glutamine, an amino acid, as well zinc,  Vitamin C, D and A, but as always, I’m a food as medicine girl, so I recommend getting these through whole, nutrient-dense foods. Repair means getting the intestines back in working order so they can absorb what they need and eliminate what they don’t. If the small intestine lining gets compromised from inflammation, stress, processed food, then it is unable to absorb properly leaving you with mineral and vitamin deficiencies.


Foods with Vitamins A,C,D:

  • Sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens, winter squashes, lettuce, bell peppers
  • Citrus, cranberries, blueberries
  • Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.
  • Cheese.
  • Egg yolks

Foods with L-glutamine:

  • Meat and Poultry: Grass-fed beef, pork and chicken as well as their products are some of the best sources of glutamine.
  • Seafood
  • Organ Meat
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Cabbage
  • Nuts
  • Beans and Legumes

Movement: Repair your muscles and bones through moving them!! As I always say, we’re born to move! Walk, jump, dance, bike, swim, kickbox, cross-fit, whatever your perfect body desires. Repair means also repairing your relationship with exercise and movement. If it is something that you did long ago, why not take the first baby step and begin again. Don’t just think about repairing

Sleep: Sleep is the only way our bodies repair itself. We need high quality, long-lasting sleep in for the body and brain to work effectively. The brain does a wash every time you go to sleep and detoxes the database so that it can work on optimal mode. This is also another request to repair your relationship with sleep. For most of my life, I led by the idea that “you’ll sleep with your dead” until I realized that not sleeping is the fastest track to disease and death. Make it a priority to get your sleep in whatever it takes. You’ll look younger, your skin will glow, your organs will work properly, and you’ll have tons more energy.

Meditation: Focusing on your breath and repairing the relationship with breathing is key to health. Our nervous systems are distinctly connected to the respiratory system and you can do wonders with your focus on your breath. Spending a few minutes an hour just focusing on a mantra or your breath is monumental for your body to repair itself. Try using “I am health. I a repairing with each breath I take” Meditation doesn’t have to be long or challenging. Sitting still is challenging enough. Focusing on the present moment, feeling the air flow through your nostrils and out your mouth is almost like magic as the stress hormones dissipate, your heart rate slows and your body relaxes.

Play: Repair your routine so that play is part of your everyday. This is for you to decide based on what you enjoy. Do you like having arts and crafts hour? Attend a comedy show? Run around the house with your loved ones? Private dance party? I like the fact that I have a bouldering gym down the road. Whenever life gets too serious, I walk down and start climbing man-made rocks. Sometimes I just sit on the mats and talk to people about silly things. But always, I make the intention to just be free and invite that youthful spirit to take over. And I recommend you do the same.

Community: By this time, if you’ve been doing all the work through each of these steps. Your community will already be on its way to repairing. More than likely, you’ll have your tribe of people who get you, lift you up, make you laugh, encourage you. This pillar also includes repairing estranged relationships with those who have caused you pain or trauma. We want to repair our hearts so they can open further and experience a life of light. Collectively we heal, isolated we stay sick.

There you go! There is another step to maintaining health and that is found in the rebalance. When you go healthy and you dedicate your life to staying there, it requires a certain amount of rebalance and reconfiguring the patterns and habits we’ve grown accustomed to.

Happy Repairing!!



Did you know that our bodies and cells are outnumbered by bacteria, yeast and viruses? Some research shows that the microbiotic organisms outnumber our cells by 10 to 1. Whatever the correct number, we know that we’re made up of a ton of beneficial microorganisms that keep our bodies in homeostasis (balance) in addition to our own cells. It is a beautiful ecosystem that works beautifully, until we introduce something that doesn’t serve the natural balance. When our bodies and microflora get away from the balance, that is what causes disease. For example, yeast infections is just an overgrowth of the candida that we already have through certain foods or stress and it is a matter of getting that back into balance.

So that being said, once you’ve gone through the steps of eliminating and removing possible inflammatory triggers from your life and replacing with the anti-inflammatory, health-producing ones, then it is time to reinoculate and restore beneficial bacteria. This step is done to return to a healthy balance of microflora in the gut. You can do this by taking probiotics, but natural gut acid causes the breakdown of the benefits before it gets to the place that needs it. I prefer to eat or drink the probiotics in forms of food or beverages. Here is a list of foods and drinks that are full of probiotics:

There are a kazillion more recipes that you can find online just type in preserved, cultured or fermented food recipes and you can experiment at home. A little goes a long way, so half a cup of kombucha a day or a tablespoon of carrots on your breakfast eggs and lunch salad and you’re doing your body good.


Food: Described above

Movement: I wasn’t sure how to ‘reinoculate’ your way to health, but after reading a study on ‘anxiety reappraisal’, I thought it could mean retraining your brain to get up and moving. The idea that you can reappraise anxiety is a way to trick yourself to feeling excited when feeling nervous or anxious. Another study showed that goals could be ‘reappraised’ through changing the words. Maybe using “I am excited to start a new exercise routine” rather than “I’m too tired to start an exercise routine” will eventually get you off the couch to do that 3 minutes of marching in place. Whatever the goal, try it. What can you lose?

Sleep: Reinoculating in the food sense means reintroducing something that is beneficial. For sleep, this can be reintroducing a dark, sleep-inducing environment to your bedroom. Maybe this means getting a diffuser and diffuse cedarwood and lavender for relaxation and a full-nights rest. Or reintroducing darkness into your room with black-out curtains. What about reintroducing a tech-free sanctuary like we had as children? Again, it is your choice to find what works for you to get this pillar of health. Sleep is imperative to optimal health, I can’t stress it enough. I love Arianna Huffington’s campaign for a sleep revolution. You can read more about it in her new book.

Play: Reinoculating your life with play could go any number of ways. Pick a time to dedicate to playful silliness throughout your busy day and commit to it.

Community: This is a given. Just by being part of SHP you’re participating in an online community. Reinoculate yourself with the idea that we’re just all a bunch of kids wanting to play in the sandbox and be heard and accepted. Inject your brain with the idea that people are awesome and that you only want to be surrounded by folks who encompass that awesomeness.

There you go! Happy Reinoculating!!



Replace with healing foods and supplements. Replacing the digestive aids that have been depleted. Replace means to add back the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other necessary factors that the body, mind and spirit have been missing. In order for our bodies to digest properly and fuel that digestive fire, we need certain enzymes like hydrochloric acid (HCl) and bile. When we eat a diet full of processed foods, simple carbs, fast and fried we deplete the body of these essential enzymes. Add to that medications, stress, disease and sedentary lifestyles and these necessary components are compromised even more.

This is the step that involves helping get your digestive fire back into an optimal balance, so the rest of your body and mind can do its thing in a healthy manner. Like everything else in health and medicine, there is no one size fits all. The degree of your enzyme and nutrient depletion will dictate what you need to replenish. Sometimes just adding in a supplement HCl or another digestive enzyme. I often have my patients drink the juice of a half a lemon or a teaspoon apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. In practice, I have added 1 drop of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil in a cup of water with immediate relief of indigestion and reflux. Also, replacing your daily coffee for a trial with herb-infused green tea is another way to help heal your gut.

This is the step I would recommended talking to a professional about. A nutritionist, functional dietician, naturopath, functional medicine or integrative medicine practitioner, herbalist or a health coach can help guide you in the right direction.

For the replace mentally and emotionally, I mean replacing the thoughts and words you use to inform your day, if they don’t serve you. Creating mantras and affirmations is beneficial in this part of the healing process. The brain creates reality through the familiar. If you start to change your thoughts and your words to something positive, eventually that will become the brains go-to pattern and habit.

Baby Steps: For this, I am going to focus on replacing your thoughts. This has the biggest impact on your overall health, as thoughts become reality. Two books I would recommend on this subject regarding thoughts and health are Mind Over Medicine and Into The Magic Shop. Retraining your brain to think and feel healthy thoughts, ideas and words eventually becomes your reality. Simply by refocusing on “I am healthy” despite how many diagnoses you may have begins to shift your physiology in a healthier direction. If you want to eat healthier, make that your mantra “I eat more vegetables and fruits”. If you want to quit soda, make “I love water” your mantra. Little shifts for big changes is really powerful in the long-run.


Food: Discussed above.

Movement: Replace your sitting with movement, in whatever form that is to you. Whether you replace your desk with a standing one or you get out of bed 15-minutes earlier to walk outside, make sure you replace your lack of movement with increased movement. Don’t just jump into using a standing desk all day, you can get swelling to your ankles with this radical change. Take a few hours a day to make the transition easier on your body. You can also replace taking the elevator with the stairs or parking the car away from the front door and taking a sweet walk before and after work. You can even replace lounging tv time with one or five minutes of marching in place. Just make sure you move. Humans are built to be active, do exercise, to move around, walk, run, get blood pumping and sweat going. So just MOVE!!

Meditation: Discussed above. Mantra can be part of mediation as well. In those moments of mindfulness, we’re able to calm the brain and body.

Sleep: Replace your nightly tech-heavy routine with a dose of real- life socializing and decompressing. Replace the nightly ritual of watching the news with your favorite comedy or a stand-up Netflix show. Laughter is a natural tranquilizing with no side effects and can help you sleep. We get enough stimulation on the negative side throughout the day, why not try to replace those experiences with something good and happy and funny? Whatever you decide to replace your technology with at night, just make sure it leaves you feeling well and good without eliciting FOMO or jealousy. Also, replacing your computer with Flux which adapts your computer screen with the time of day is a really easy first step.

Play: Replace sofa time with play time. If you have kids, turn off the tv and have some good old fashioned play. If you don’t have kids, chase your loved ones or furry animal around the house. It may sound silly, but even just a few minutes of play can have a lasting effect on your heart and mind. I’m also a big fan of pranks. We take ourselves too seriously these days and I recommend taking yourself out of the robot mode and have a little fun. When my dad was in his manic phase of his disease he was a total handful, we had to follow him everywhere and make sure he wasn’t going to hurt himself or others. Then he took my t-shirt, which is tight on me and put it on. After a few nights of very little sleep, lots of stress and constant worrying, we just laughed hysterically as his slightly atrophied muscles bulged through the shirt and he caused a little rip in the sleeves. Play, darnit!! There is an institute and a medical journal based on this exact subject, so the research is clear! Replace your seriousness with a little play and your life will be better, I promise.

Community: Social isolation and loneliness should be treated like a chronic disease. There is an epidemic of loneliness that affects 60 million people in America alone. We don’t have to be lonely, we choose this every single day. I understand that feeling of not wanting to share myself with others or feeling like I don’t belong. I lived many years that way. But after a long 500-mile walk through Spain and living with my ailing father until his passing, I realized we need human connection in order to thrive. It doesn’t have to be a monumental task to putting yourself out there. Simply just connecting to others with a real heart-felt hug (produces oxytocin), making eye contact or sharing stories is beneficial. Attend a meet-up and set your intention to stay open will allow for you to connect as well. Everyone has someone they jive with, its part of taking control of your health to find those folks.

Thank you for being part of the Shiny Healthy People community. I’m so happy and delighted that you are on this journey with me.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Replacing!!




Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Life

Ok, so food as medicine is important to me. Duh. But why do I make such a big deal about it? Well besides having to use food to heal my multiple illness and trying to heal my father, I was placed on this planet to help others and for me, right now, it takes the route of food and community as medicine.

Your gut health is linked to pretty much every disease, disorder, symptoms and sign that we have in our beautiful medical world. We’re trained to think our GI system has two jobs: digest and eliminate. But the truth is that our gut has so much more to offer. Here are some of the symptoms/signs you may experience if you have a wonky gut:

  • depression, anxiety
  • allergies, asthma, eczema
  • food intolerances or food sensitivites
  • acne
  • heartburn or chronic belching
  • joint pain, gout, joint swelling, body aches
  • chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia
  • autoimmune condition like hypo/hyperthyroid, MS, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • inflammatory bowel disease: Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis
  • you can’t lose weight despite a healthy diet
  • difficulty with concentration, foggy brain
  • tired all the time
  • fungus on nails, feet, skin, genital area
  • strong sugar or carbohydrate cravings

There are a ton more, but those are the main ones. If you have one or some of signs or symptoms, your gut is off. If you live in a modern, industrialized world, you likely suffer from a few of them. If you work in a modern, industrialized world, you probably have more symptoms that I didn’t mention here, because STRESS, though unquantifiable, is a huge factor in gut-health.

The super cool thing is that you don’t have to suffer. We can choose to be healthy to fight against the resistance and use the tools at our fingertips to learn more about how to take control of our health. I know it is hard. I realize how challenging it is to do the work, to get up and set the intention to do better, eat better, exercise, think happier thoughts, connect to others. But you have to know that it is entirely up to you.

Last year, I moved home to be with my dad and help my mom. That was the hardest year of my life, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Every morning, I would wake up and fight the resistance. Every morning, I cried, I cursed God for giving my dad a horrible disease that I believed destroyed our lives. Every morning, I wanted to just stay in bed and sleep or watch Netflix or drink whiskey.  Every morning, I had thoughts of disappearing and going away forever. This was all in the first 1 hour of my day, before I left my bed. Then I would get up and have my Ulcerative Colitis flare. Or get up and have pain all over my joints. I was constantly feeling like I was getting sick. In my mind, nothing was going to get better, everything was f’d and my life sucked because I didn’t have a dad for 17 years mentally and now physically he was fading.

I had to force myself to get up. I forced myself to make my bed. I forced myself to do my morning yoga, meditation, mantra and priming for the day. I had to change my thoughts to positive ones, to happy ones. I had to tell myself I was healthy, I felt good, I have energy, I was doing good things, that I am love and am loved. I revived my gratitude practice and wrote 5+ things down that I was grateful for each day. I walked outside in the desert. I made sure that I hugged my mom before we started our day. I asked for help from my sister, my friends. I changed my patterns, my thoughts, my habits. I made sure that I chose the salad, fish and green juice over the pancakes and cookies. I rewired my brain cells to connect to happiness instead of pain. I chose the light instead of the dark.

Then one day, not too long after I moved home, maybe 2-3 weeks, I woke up and I was delighted to get out of bed. I was happy to start my day, to prepare nutritious food my dad would gobble down. I felt blessed to have time to talk and laugh and dance with him. I was lucky that I got to walk with my mom through the desert and share stories about our lives. I kept focusing on the goodness and all the experiences, people, energy, thoughts that I had and life got better.

I worked hard at stress-relief. I worked hard at eating the right foods. I worked hard at my relationships. I worked hard to choose love and compassion. Apathy is an easy out. But then one day I didn’t have to work so hard and that neuroplasticity took over. My stress improved, my diet improved, my gut got better and my life did too. This is not to say that my life was any easier, but how I reacted to it did. My life as a daughter/caretaker actually became quite a comedy and I found the light in the terrible disease I had cursed for so many years.

So I get it. Last year wasn’t the first time I had to do the work, but it was definitely the most challenging time. I understand how difficult it is to move away from the familiar, the easy, the safe and the comfortable. But life begins outside of those comfort zones and is so much sweeter once you get a taste of that.

It starts with you. It begins with the decision to want to be present, to show up, to enjoy life, to choose the light. The first step is the most difficult. The ego likes drama and suffering, it dances in misery. But once you choose to be healthy, lose weight, have more energy, be less anxious, have less stress, take less pills, drink less alcohol, the world opens up and the possibilities abound. But again, you have the power and the control to make the change.

Enough with esoteric Erica. Food-wise, gut-wise, how do you start?

If you want to fix your gut, you first have to make the decision to change. Once you’re intention is there, the next steps flow easier.

I ask patients/clients to go with the 4R’s- Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair:

Remove- Includes removing the known inflammatory foods. I recommend starting with an Elimination plan like the Clean Program from Dr. Junger. I do this once a season for 10 -days, though if you’re a pretty typical Standard American Diet eater, I recommend 21-days.  I also use this part to remove all toxins in your life, from news to relationships. This doesn’t mean run away and leave everything and everyone behind. It is just a trial of limiting your exposure to things/people/experiences that may not serve your highest good.

Replace- With healing foods and supplements. Replacing the digestive aids that have been depleted. Mentally and emotionally, I use this to replace the thoughts and words you use to inform your day. Creating mantras and affirmations is beneficial in this part of the healing process.

Reinoculate – Through probiotics and probiotic-rich foods. Since we often kill off the good bacteria with a processed, sugar-filled diet, you want to reinoculate and replenish the gut so it can be in balance again.

Repair – Here you’re repairing the damaged areas of the gut and regenerating a healthy mucosal lining through nutrients and supplements. Some of the supplements I’ve used are L-glutamine, Slippery Elm and certain vitamins. Repairing your heart and soul is another important aspect of healing. This can be done through certain balancing, cleansing, spiritual tools that I provide, but what works for you and your uniqueness is completely up to you.

So there you go. I’ll be going into more detail throughout the week of how to dive deep into each of these steps, but this is a start and introduction.

The other thing I emphasize with patients and clients is starting small. If this seems too daunting, take baby steps. Use the remove to take away one thing that you know to be detrimental to your health. If you drink sodas everyday, stop for a week and just drink water, see how you feel and move on from there. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul if you’re not ready. Just taking small steps that make you feel a ton better is often the first domino.

It is work though, but its work that is totally worth it.  Remember, you have complete power over all aspects of your health and how you feel. Is today your day? I hope so.

Thanks for reading.

photo by : Ambro

Breaking Bad Vibrations

The past five years have been filled with some radical growth in the realm of true healing and heart opening. I hit a ‘dark night of the soul’ and the climbing out taught me more about living in the light than any medications, therapy or books ever did. I also learned that I am a highly sensitive person and an empath, which is someone who is “affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.”  It means my life is ‘unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods’. I thought of this as wuwu bullshit for a long time and actually suppressed these special abilities with vices and addictions. But the last month or so was a big reminder.

During my studies, I learned about quantum physics, energy and frequencies. Over the years, I have attempted to separate the scientific from the spiritual in an attempt to stay credible in my profession. BUT NO MORE!! There is more and more scientific proof about the once esoteric. Plus, I have seen tens of thousands of patients who have given me anecdotal proof of the spiritual side of healing, energy, compassion and kindness, so I write with more confidence and experience. Not to mention the miracles I experienced through the time with my dad, the camino, my own research and interactions with patients, I have come to the realization that you cannot separate the two.

The past month, I’ve had more people come in and out of my home. My home is now my sacred space. Earlier this year, I made the declaration to only have people in my life who are awesome, amazing and who own that without apologies. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” Jim Rohn. That is why community is so important to me. I believe (and it is scientifically proven) that we can feed off each other and help each other out when one is down or sad or low, especially if the collective consciousness is one of goodness and high vibration, you can help that one person move closer to the light.

But I didn’t make that declaration to my home until yesterday. You have to protect your space, the place where you cook your food, you enter into the dreamworld, where you love, rest and reset and invite community. Early in the month, I had a grand influx of pilgrims, people who have walked or plan to walk the Camino de Santiago. These folks were very special and lovely and kept my space sacred and beautiful. I also had my family visit, who are always amazing and awesome. Everyone who came helped make my space even more of a healing haven than it already feels. We also had our supper club and the more community there was, the warmer my space felt.

But in that time, I also had some crazy drama and low vibration creating havoc on my space brought in by a situation that didn’t serve me. I felt drained and heavy. I felt my energy shifting into the darkness rather than focusing on the light. I laid in bed for three days and ate a bunch of crap food. My dog got sick. My allergies were at an all time high. I was on the verge of quitting my dreamwork. I wanted to indulge, to numb, to forget. And each time these overwhelmed me, I tried so hard to practice self-love, but often I just went to sleep.

As the situation was resolving, I meditated and sent love to those involved. It was really a challenge as my ego creeped in to make sure that I was heard, but I just kept repeating ‘loving kindness’. My sister helped me get through this part, she always has the perfect response to everything I send her way.

And literally the second the situation resolved, so did everything else. My puppy let out this huge exhale once the door closed. My eyes stopped itching, my nose stopped running, my relationships got back on track. I stopped bitching and complaining. My chest pain stopped. My bowels calmed down. I could breathe again. I felt like a slice of heaven planted itself in my heart once again.

This morning I made a delicious, high vibration breakfast, went for a nature-infused walk, did some Native American cleansing with white sage and sea salt on my home. I did my morning meditation and yoga with the intention to clear the space of any negativity. Finally at the end of the work, I had increased my vibration so much, Justin said I sounded lighter, happier.

According to Pamela Dessault:

‘We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. The lower the frequency, the denser your energy, and the heavier your problems seem. Here you may experience pain and discomfort in your physical body and experience heavy emotions and mental confusion. Psychically, your energy is darker. You need to exert a great deal of effort to accomplish your goals. Overall, your life takes on a negative quality.

The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with. Your energy is literally full of light! Your life flows with synchronicity, and you manifest what you desire with ease. Overall, your life takes on a positive quality.’

Raising your vibration includes being grateful for what you already have around you. You know what a big fan I am of gratitude journaling. Sometimes I have to dig deep to make my list. I definitely had to do that the last few weeks. But this morning when I did it, it finally flowed and that feeling of light just started flowing in.

It’s easy to start a gratitude practice, it isn’t so easy to stay with one. But I challenge you to try. 🙂 Just three things to follow: something new every day, write down 3+ things, people, experiences, feelings, lyrics, animals, revelations that you’re grateful for, practice for at least 21 days straight.

Practicing acts of kindness is another way to raise your energy, as is providing service to others. Simply offering a smile or a kind word can lift someone else, which in turn lifts you. Watch your own thoughts and words. See how they elevate or depress you, every great change starts with self-awareness.  Look at your self-limiting beliefs and make a decision to change them or at least evaluate how they make you feel.

Eat high-energy foods like fresh, local (if possible), organic fruits and vegetables, teas, spices and seasonings, nuts and seeds. And filtered water, please work on making filtered water your only source. According to Dr. Kelly Brogan, who wrote A Mind of Your Own, ‘if you’re a member of an industrialized nation, then you now have an average of seven hundred synthetic chemicals in your body from food, water and air’. The very least we can do for our health is invest in filtered water for all drinking and cooking.  Dr. Brogan also says that “Municipal water is contaminated with pharmaceutical products, industrial pollutants, microbes and about six hundred different toxic-disinfecting by-products”. These toxins are not cooked out or boiled out. So make an investment, as we are biologically mostly water-based organisms. It’s something easy to do for yourself and your health.

So there you go. That’s how I broke my bad vibrations into good ones. And that is how this piece came to life. And though I still have that uncomfortable feeling about putting something that many may consider ‘fringe’ out there, I know I have to. Mostly because I found peace and healing through these practices and anytime I find that, I share with the world in hopes that at least one person can find solace in something that was said.

Yesterday, while listening to Dr. James Doty speak about his new book Into the Magic Shop, he said something that stuck with me. The Dalai Lama told him that the only time it is okay to be selfish is when you’re compassionate. This is because when you practice compassion, that kindness and compassion boosts your immune system, decreases stress hormones, improves the cardiovascular system and decreases blood pressure.

So, in closing, I leave you with a little selfishness, as sharing more love that helps you makes me even lighter, less anxious and more in the flow, which is a wave that I’m going to ride as long as I possible can.

Want more information? Watch “What The Bleep Do We Know?” or read about Emoto’s water experiments. Read or listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”.

Photo of Sigur Ros at Greek Theatre. The vibrations were really high that evening as they make music that sounds like you’ve entered a sonic kingdom of magic. Music as medicine, it exists too.

Rainbow Eggs

Rainbow eggs are king in my opinion. You can take a bit of all the veggies you have in your fridge, break some happy go lucky cage-free chicken or duck eggs and top them with avocado and you’re golden for a good 3-4 hours. It’s a really easy way to get a rainbow into your daily eating routine early on. If you just cut up your vegetables on Sunday and have them ready to throw into some coconut oil or grass-fed butter, you can have this everyday of the week.

This is a fluid recipe of what I used today, but you can honestly throw an nutritious raw vegetables into your rainbow eggs and it will be healthy. Remember, the more colors the better!

4/4/16’s Rainbow Egg Recipe

  • 1/4 cup of onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 giant leaves of chard, about 1/2 cup (from Cinnamon and Chad at Jester King/Stanley’s Pizza
  • 1/4 cup of broccoli
  • 1/4 cup of red and yellow pepper
  • 1/2 avocado to top

Today I had duck eggs from Springdale Farm. Any farm fresh eggs are good, as long as the animals producing them are happy and healthy. I like duck eggs for the richer taste and because they last a little longer thanks to their thicker shell. They also have a higher level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and they’re a bit higher in protein than chicken eggs.

You can toss all of the veggies and cook them together and then scramble the egg in or you can cook the veggies and use them to top an over-easy egg as well. It’s all up to your taste. Top with sea salt and avocado and that’s it!! Enjoy!!