9 Breaths, That Is All

We all stress out. we all get anxious. We all feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to just sit and reflect. But I’ve learned that there is. It took me many years to get here, to get to the point of work less and gain more. Once you get in the groove of ‘addition through subtraction’ you’ll start to see that this is true. It takes baby steps, time, discipline and work. It takes a desire to live in your truth and your highest self. And though I encourage EVERYONE to meditate, I realize the challenges involved with starting a meditation practice.
The benefits of mindfulness and meditation abound. Meditation has been found to decrease blood pressure and lower blood sugar as well as make your skin glow and heal anxiety. Russell Simmon’s says, “if you don’t have 20 minutes to meditate, you need two hours”. Though I totally agree with his statement, it’s difficult for me to meditate for 20 minutes and I’ve been practicing for more than a decade, I feel like there are simple techniques that can get you to a place of occasional moments of stillness and mindfulness that I share on this website.
The Dalai Lama is a wise master of all things peace, compassion and love. According to the interwebs, he practices a 9-round breathing technique that calms his mind when all is awry. The 9-breath technique helps shift your negative thoughts to positive ones, helps improve focus and concentration, boosts energy and creates overall well-being.
I’ve adapted his technique and created one that is simpler to do and learn. Take time to read and fully understand the steps. Practice with your eyes open and when you’re ready, follow for 9 rounds and wait for the magic.

First, create a quiet space that will allow you two minutes of uninterrupted breathing. Place your feet on the floor or lay down if you want.

1) Close your eyes
2) Inhale through your nose,feeling your belly expand (you can put your hands on belly to feel it) and your body fill up with light and love.
3) Exhale through your mouth, audibly if you feel it, pulling your belly button in towards your spine, attempting to make the exhale longer than the inhale. Release all the worry, anger, concern, stress on your exhale.
4) Pause at the end of exhale for two counts.
5) Repeat for 9 rounds.

After you’re done, sit for a moment experiencing the echo sensation throughout your mind and body. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Remember this technique when life goes pear-shaped or you need a boost of self-love. There is always time to calm the mind and you can do it in a simple 9 breaths.

photo by: nenetus

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