Day 5: Community/Play Pillar!

This is by far my most favorite pillar. Even as a introverted with occasional extrovert tendencies, I have a need to feel the power of community regularly. When we were going through tumultuous times with my pops, we would not have made it through without my in-person community and virtual one. I would reach out during a storm and you all would come to our aid with your heart-shaped umbrellas.

The reason I mesh these two pillars is because they go hand in hand. When being dropped off at school, my dad would always say “have fun and learn something new!” This has stayed with me all my life and though I’ve spent most of it being a diligent student of science, my favorite thing to do is play and try my best to not take life so seriously. Not always the easiest thing to do, especially in clinic, but every moment I can laugh, joke, smile, goof-around, I do and it makes my body and mind so very happy!

There are endless benefits of community. I’ve written about the Roseta community and Rat Park. Drs. Mark Hyman and Amen went into a church and worked with Pastor Rick Warren to lead 15,000 members to lose a total of a quarter million pounds. They came together and rallied for healthier eating and living.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” Jim Rohn. This is a truth of life. Make sure you’re choosing wisely. I met a new friend on Tuesday and of course instantly loved her. She said a few years ago she made the decision to only have Awesome people in her life. She knew if she wanted to reach the heights she aspired to, she had to be surrounded by folks who inspired her, supported her, pushed her limits in a good way and held her accountable.

You don’t have to go crazy planning and gathering a group to have fun, playful communal activities. Last night I decided I wanted to go rock climbing this morning. I sent out a few texts,  my friend Mike said yes. This morning we spent an hour climbing walls, then had breakfast at Imagine Art, a really special non-profit for artists who battle with mental challenges. There I found more community, super kind souls with so much to give to the world. I even left with a beautiful cauliflower and cabbage, a gift from the Imagine Art harvest! I didn’t make huge plans for any of it, simply put my intention out to the universe, reached out, and someone said yes and the rest went as beautifully as described.

It doesn’t take much to fill this incredibly important pillar of health. And since its the weekend, there should be loads of activities to participate in. Go to meet-ups, attend church, buy some goodies at the farmers market and talk to all the rad farmers, just put yourself out there and enjoy your fellow human beings. We’re pretty cool if you give us a chance.

Photo by Stuart Miles

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