2016 The Year of Self-Health

Shiny Healthy People is my baby, a vision that I have had since 2010. My motto is “Assisting, educating and empowering YOU to find the Healer within.” That is why I have decided that 2016, is the year of SELF-HEALTH, the year to take back control of your health and find the healer within.

You’ve always been the expert in your health, but our society, commercials, the GIANT industry called healthcare has led you to believe otherwise. Yes, I went to school for medicine. I am an expert on populations of people who have your disease, but you in fact have the power and control to take your unique situation, symptoms, lifestyle and change it.

This means you can take Dr. google and use it to your benefit rather than your detriment. It’s not to become a paranoid android, but rather a healthy investigator, without going overboard, of your health, symptoms, diseases, illnesses and find the most holistic, integrative way to take charge of them. These tools are something we can all learn, you don’t have to go back to school or have a medical degree to have a wholesome diet, take a walk outside or learn how to breathe again.

Integrative, functional, complementary, whole health means going back to the basics. It means making lifestyle changes that lead to big rewards. Baby steps, like drinking water instead of soda throughout the day. Walking outside for 15-30 minutes when the sun is out. Drinking a superfood smoothie in the morning. Going to meet-ups with folks that share your hobbies.

It doesn’t mean that drinking turmeric tea will help your chronic back pain if you continue to eat fast food, drink sodas or stay in an abusive relationship. It doesn’t mean that taking a probiotic for your depression or anxiety will heal your condition (though studies show it can help) if you drink beer every night, load up on processed carbs or refuse to connect to other humans.

Whole self-health means targeting the rainbow of wellness. My five pillars for patients, clients, loved ones and the world are:
Food, Movement, Sleep, Meditation (Mindfulness) and Play/Community. Each of these is infused with love, of course, and gratitude. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”.

My hope for this year is to deliver a nugget or pearl of wisdom each day that embodies these five pillars. They ‘ll be on my website and have actionable steps to integrate them into your life too! I want to assist, educate and empower you to take control of your body, your mind, your health in 2016, your year of Self-Health’!

Who’s with me?!

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