Market Street Cafe & Apothecary

Market Street Café and Apothecary

They say ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’. It’s true and has been evident many times throughout my life. I didn’t expect this to be the case when I went to visit a new culinary experience in Lockhart, Texas. From the moment I walked it, Monique, owner and herbalist extraordinaire began to teach. She offered me tea as medicine, ‘a nervine lemon balm, a type of tea that calms the nerves, good for anxiety and stress’, she said. We walked back and forth, as she shared books and information from her training, taught me about the pioneers of herb and plant medicine, passed on material about all things holistic and natural. I spent almost two hours learning from a perfect stranger, one who welcomed me into her restaurant and space with open arms. Not to mention her husband, co-owner and chef genius Sutton, and sous chefs Espy and Christina who offered me delicious food from the second I sat down. (pimento stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos and pecan crusted chicken over a bed of spinach with homemade vinaigrette, um yum!!!)

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food’ is posted at on the mirror at the entrance. Monique and her husband, Sutton, encompass this philosophy and have worked in the food world for most of their lives. They moved to Lockhart after running successful food trucks in Austin, Texas. According to their website:

‘Monique and Sutton share a passion for life, food and friendship. They have shaped a continuous and beautiful vibe of bringing people of all walks of life together. Their uniqueness and charm reflects within their space and exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere.’

This is what the Lockhart community gets every time they walk into Market Street Café and Apothecary. After dedicating seven years in my favorite rural town of Texas, I know my people and know this is exactly what they need. The owners have big plans of creating an special apothecary themed pre-fixed menu with a starter, salad, main entrée, desert and drink, all infused with healthy, wholesome delicious ingredients. Monique plans to host events to teach how to make bone broth and cook and work with herbs that the locals can grow in their own homes and gardens.

This is what I mean about the student being ready and the teacher appearing. The café, Monique, Sutton, their culinary crew and their intention have appeared. The students, the Lockhart community is ready and willing, at least all those who were part of my care during my time there. Lockhart has a foundation of brilliant clinicians, from awesome docs and PA’s and NP’s, to endless incredible clinical staff and a hospital 15-minutes away. Now we have a true healer, with a huge heart, some rich natural tools and techniques that have been practiced for ages and a talent for teaching and sharing all that she knows about tea, food, herbs, plants and community as medicine.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the newest addition to the Lockhart community. The food is beyond delicious, the ambience is therapeutic from the second you step in and the people make it sweet and welcoming and a bit like going home. Go visit Market Street Café and Apothecary, your belly and body will thank you.

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