Essential Oils For Back To School

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My interest and love for essential oils started with self-experimentation. I had used Tea Tree Oil for acne as a teen and Lemongrass in water to comb fleas off my puppies. But then I began to look for alternatives to pharmaceuticals and my world just blew open with possibilities with essential oils. How do they work for allergies, acne, anxiety, cramps? How do they work on my skin? My brain? My aches and pains? My cuts and colds? Then I started researching how I could use them for my patients. Then my sister’s friend said she used them in her classroom. She said that in the morning, when the kiddos are fired up and ready to go, she would diffuse Lavender to help them settle in and focus and then after lunch, she would diffuse Lemon to help keep them away from the post-food sleepies. So I started doing some research and found that you can use the oils in all kinds of ways for back to school. There are even some schools who are doing presentations on how to use the essential oils at home for parents. I thought I would share what I found. I know it’s a little late, as school started a few weeks ago, but better late than never!

This is important for me too, as we have an influx of pediatric patients during the fall and winter months, who can actually be treated at home and prevent further illness by being exposed to all the sick people in waiting rooms. The great part about essential oils is how versatile they are, so get yourself some and try them out. Trust me, they’ll change your life.

Cedarwood, Vetiver and Lavender – These have all been studied to help with focus, mental alertness and concentration. Diffuse or place on bottoms of the big toes.

Rosemary or Joy – These are used to enhance mood as well as uplift and inspire. Diffuse, add to shampoo or brush through hair in the morning before they’re off to school.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) – Can be used as a cleaning agent as well on cystic acne. You can use directly on skin without dilution, unless you have super sensitive skin, mix with coconut oil if so.

RC – A special blend that is truly magic against colds/sniffles/sinus/flu symptoms. I’ve use it to stop a persistent cough within seconds of diffusing. Also, really excellent for prevention of respiratory illness, so I suggest you diffuse this one from day one of school. 🙂

Valor – Used for confidence boosting and bravery, as well as concentration. Diffuse, rub on the back of the neck or bottom of the big toes.

Thieves – Diffuse during cold and flu season to prevent the spread of germs in classroom and at home. Can also be used as a cleaner and a toothpaste mixed with coconut oil and baking soda.

Peppermint- Diffuse for concentration. Can also be used for joint pain, cramps diluted with coconut oil placed on area affected.

Lavender – The universal essential oil. Mix with lemon and peppermint and place behind ears for allergies, rub onto pillows for a good nights rest, use on cuts, scrapes and minor burns. Use to calm the nerves by placing behind the neck or on bottoms of big toes.

Frankincense – Can be used on a dry toothbrush to help with tooth or gum pain. Diffusedas a calming agent when nerves and anxiety are taking over.  Helps soothe itching on insect bites and rashes.

There are probably a zillion other uses for the oils mentioned here and often I see what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Be safe and smart when using essential oils and don’t ingest any of them, unless you’ve done thorough research.  Do not let your children ingest them unless you’ve checked with your medical provider.  Personally, I only used tried and true Young Living, as I trust their seed to seal process, their chemical-free ingredients and their purity. It’s important to have therapeutic grade oils, that have true health benefits and effects. I know personally and from patients that they work. See how you can use each and everyone of these oils to help your back to school days be a little less stressful and filled with healthier and happier days and nights.