New Year, New Health, New ‘Wellth’

Welcome to 2015 y’all! Now that the holidays are winding now and everyone is setting their new year’s resolutions, I want to give you some tips towards success. My goal for this website is to put health back in the hands of the expert, you and your inner healer. Everyday, I will be posting articles, tips, recipes, guides and encouraging words in the Amor Y Animo section of the website. Amor is Spanish for love. Animo, which doesn’t have an exact translation, means support, encouragement, vitality, spirit. So my hope is that you’ll check in daily to get a little pick me up that provides you the animo to take control of your health.

You, Goals and Winning

1) Small steps

I always ask my patients to take small steps towards mini-victories, which helps keep them motivated. Be realistic and start off slow and low, setting new month resolutions or new week resolutions. For example, this week you can change one soda or juice a day for a bottle of water or decide that you’ll take a 15- minute walk at lunch and increase to 20 the next week. It fires you up when you fulfill your goals, so start small and see them stick.

2) Write It Down

Studies have shown people who keep food journals lose more weight. Writing down goals also helps people achieve their goals over those who do not write them down. Create a vision for what you want for this week, month, year, in all aspects of your life and then figure out the small steps to get there.

3) Celebrate the small successes in moderation

Don’t go crazy thinking because you walked 15 minutes five days in row, you can go have a fast food super sized meal. Remember, it takes running four miles a day for seven days to run off a soda, fries and a burger. So be moderate about celebrating and choose little ways to reward yourself that don’t throw off all your hard work in one shot. Celebrating keeps us motivated especially if we hit hurdles or find steps more challenging than we expected.

4) Be SMART in setting goals






5) Find An Accountability Partner or Community

I have to be completely honest, when I do a 10- day cleanse, I’m so grateful I have a partner to keep me accountable and cheer me on. We cook together, eat together and swap near cheat stories throughout those 10 days and it’s tough at first, but magnificent by the end. Join a running group, find a meet-up, ask your co-workers, trust me, this one is key!

6) Have Fun!

We’re so serious and in our head these days that we’ve almost forgotten to have fun. It’s TOTALLY fine if you miss a day of exercise or have the sweet potato fries instead of salad. We don’t have to be so hard on ourselves all the time and it’s so very healthy to laugh, smile and release those endorphins as often as possible. It also helps to keep those pesky wrinkles away! If something you’re doing or working towards feels forced or off, then redirect, reevaluate and rewrite your goals. Be shiny, healthy, happy people, not grumpy ones.

Here we go!!

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