Almond/Cashew Milk Recipe

This is one of my favorite drinks to have when I’m not drinking water or tea. It’s a bit labor intensive, but so delicious, keeps for a few days and doesn’t have any of that bad cancer causing stuff.

Homemade Almond or Cashew Milk Recipe

– 1 ½ cups raw, unsalted almonds or cashew soaked for 1 hour + in filtered water

– local honey

– dash of sea salt

– Blender or juicer

– cheese cloth or strainer

Add almonds to blender with filtered water. Blend/mix/juice until smooth.

Strain through into a cheese cloth or strainer into a mason jar. Add a dash of salt or a bit local honey if you like it a little sweeter or saltier.

Refrigerate and make sure you drink within 3-5 days.

Yummy! Enjoy!!

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