Music As Medicine

Throughout this website you’ll see me add some non-traditional forms of medicine that have been proven to work effectively in healing. Music is a big one and has been shown to decrease post-operative pain, aid in quicker wound healing, treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, anxiety and depression. For me it’s always been my go to drug before I found meditation. Most days in clinic, I always have pandora playing in the my office. Sometimes I even play a background of classical music in patients room. I’ve even gone as far to turn down the lights, diffuse some Peace and Calming, teach relaxing breathing techniques and play music for patients who don’t have any self-care in their life. I’ll leave them in there for 15-30 minutes and when they leave, they leave revived.

Music makes me happy, it clears my head and has always been a form of therapy for me. I could have a private dance party and shake out all my worries and anxieties or play hip-hop while I prepare my food and feel like it leads me to a yummier dish or attend a show on a Tuesday night to hear the sweet sounds of Ephriam’s trumpet that put me into a calm mood like no other. Music is king to me and I have my father to thank for my complete adoration of the craft.

This summer was no different. I attended a few festivals, a few concerts and I danced a ton, another form of medicine for me. So I have decided to put my favorite songs from the summer into a blog post. They are not all from summer of 2014, they’re just songs that made me laugh, smile, dance or love this summer. Let me know what you think!

Sylvan Esso, Coffee  – Great summer anthem

Balmorrhea, San Solomon –  I played this during the very first yoga class I taught

Jaime XX, All Under One Roof Raving – I really like to dance

Future Islands, Seasons (Waiting On You) – Because Samuel breaks the mold on indie cool

Your Love, The Outfield – My best friend got married this summer and played this song as a shout out to me

Taylor Swift, Shake It Off- I love her message in this song

Lauryn Hill, Everything is Everything- I cried at this show, the opportunity to see a legend at FPSF was incredible

First Aid Kit, Emmylou and Silver Lining- One of my favorite bands

Years and Years, Real- I really, really like to dance

Passenger, Scare Away The Dark- My message for every patient, client, friend, loved one and stranger (Thanks to Daniel at The Streets Are Mine for this one)

Simon and Garfunkel, Sounds of Silence – Reminds me of my pop and his love for music

Max Richter, The Nature of Daylight- All of his stuff amazes and feels very cathartic

How do you use music as medicine? What songs allow you to do this?

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