An Oily Tool For Your Wellness Toolbox

I have been using essential oils without really understanding why they worked for about 20 years now. As a teen, I used tea tree oil for acne, rescue remedy for stress, lavender for sunburns, lemon oil for generalized stinkiness.  Then recently in the past year, I’ve expanded my recommendations for patients and clients to include a wider palate of essential oils and have come to understand them a little bit better. I’m still learning, but now on a daily basis, I’m finding myself offering them more and more to patients instead of medications. Peppermint for arthritic pain. Peace and Calm and Lavender for insomnia. Cedarwood for hairloss. Vetiver for ADHD.

So many of our synthetic drugs that we use today come from plants. Why not go directly to the source and cut out the middle man and chemicals? I’ve been amazed with some of the results I have seen as I integrate them into my practice. Personally, I’ve used lavender, peppermint and lemon in local honey to ‘cure’ my allergies. Those of you who know me, know that I’m a walking trumpet usually. No longer guys! Also, after diffusing Peace and Calm one evening, I slept so hard, I didn’t wake up to my alarm after 20 minutes. My sister’s friend used lemon and lavender throughout the day in her 3rd grade classroom and was able to have more control of her class than she ever has before.

Just like everything else I present on this website, I can’t say which ones will work for you as an individual, I just know they do. This is a resource for personalized, individualized wellness, find what works for you. A good place to start is an aromatherapy book. Also, there is this informative encyclopedia that is comprehensive:

As Amanda Queen aka Apothecary Amanda stated in her piece here: make sure you do your research. I trust Young Living and their thorough research and use them on a daily basis at work and at home.

EO’s are being used in hospitals, schools, hospices, offices, daycares and homes. Bring some home, try them out, diffuse them to calm you down after a hard day, make cool lotions and serums with them. I bet you fall in love.

Since so many people have asked me where to get them, I’ll give you a link to make it easy: 

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