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A few weeks ago we had to do a practicum in our Yoga Teacher Training For Health Care Professionals. Emily, a classmate and Child Psychologist led us through a guided imagery with her pregnancy sequence and it was the most relaxing thing ever. We had briefly touched on the evidence-based medicine behind multiple forms of yoga and meditation, but I wanted to learn more. I started reading about guided imagery and its health benefits and I was so excited to find that it can help in so many ways. Post-operative, during chemo, after chemo, hypertension, AIDS, anxiety, PTSD, sickle-cell, fibromyalgia, really anything seems to turn around with this technique. The science has been practiced for millennia and is now used in modern medicine with great success. I’m a science and solid proof girl so I typed in ‘guided meditation’ into PubMed and got 9,400+ results. This is super exciting guys! From my traditional allopathic mode of prescribing medications for everything to a mind over medicine approach, I will use this in every situation that it is indicated. Why not? Well maybe it takes more time, maybe it’s not as efficient as giving people a Xanax, but I don’t care, I’m here to give my patients and clients the toolbox needed to take control of their health. My other hope is that medical professionals will learn the tools they can use in their office or hospital interactions that will change their patients lives for the better minus the bandaid, aka pharmaceuticals. Skeptical? Well try it yourself. Google guided imagery or guided meditation, if you’re not a jellyroll after the session, I’ll buy you some valerian root. 🙂


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