Fed UP!

My beautiful patients are always telling me that they don’t understand why their blood sugars are so high when they don’t eat sugar. This is usually because sugar is a hidden devil. It’s found in most anything that we buy pre-packaged, canned, bagged, and bottled.

Here are the top sources of sugar:

– Canned fruit

– Ice cream and coffee drinks

– Ketchup, chocolate sauce, salad dressing

– Cereals, oatmeal, cereal bars

– Spreads, jams, preserves, dried fruit

– Cookies, cakes, bread

– Drink powders, rehydrating drinks, sodas

There is a new documentary called Fed Up that discusses our serious addiction to sugar. It’s not our fault. It’s the food industry that has used this highly addictive substance to sell their food.

Here is the trailer:


Fed UP!

Mis hermosos pacientes siempre me dicen que no entienden porque se azúcar en la sangre esta tan elevada puesto que ellos no consumen azúcar.  Eso se debe a que el azúcar en un demonio escondido ya que se encuentra en casi todo lo que compramos pre-empacado, enlatado, embotellado, o puesto en bolsas.

Este listado expone las fuentes principales de azúcar:

– Fruta enlatada o embotellada

– Helado y bebidas de café

– Catsup, jarabe de chocolate, alinos para la ensalada

– Cereales, avena instantánea, barras de cereal

– Conservas, jaleas, mermeladas, frutas secas

– Galletas, pasteles, pan

– Bebidas en polvo, bebidas rehidratantes, sodas

Hay un nuevo documental llamado Fed Up que detalla nuestra adicción al azúcar, no es nuestra culpa ya que la industria de la comida ha usado esta sustancia altamente adictiva para vender sus productos.

Aquí se encuentra el corto: http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home

Yoga for Health

Yoga has a spectrum of benefits for the mind, body and soul. Going into yoga teacher training, I thought I would be learning how to exercise more effectively. What I have learned throughout the last six months has been life-changing. Yoga is so much more than movement. It’s a metaphor for life and a way to endure life’s struggles and challenges with ease and calm.

Movement as medicine is another main focus on this website and there will be a lot of yoga, as I feel that everyone can benefit from one or many aspects of this tradition.

Apanasana is sanskrit for Vital Air Pose and is great for gas release and constipation. It is very relaxing as it allows you to go inward. It’s beneficial for lower back pain and helps the neck and thigh muscles.

First, you lay on your back with knees on the floor, hands by your side.

Next, place your hands on your knees and lift your feet off floor.

Keeping your arms straight, slightly raising your head.

Then bend your arms and legs to bring knees into chest on exhale.

Inhale and use your arms and legs to straighten and return to original position.

Repeat 5-10 times.


Olive Oil Spill

The NY Times posted a very easy to understand explanation of olive oil. This goes back to what I preach about always questioning everything you put in your body and place on your skin. Life may seem difficult enough already without having to focus on these seemingly small details, but just being a conscious consumer can be the first step to a truly happier, healthier life.


Image courtesy of Suat Eman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Stop Stressing!!!

Everyday I’m lucky enough to go into my workplace and impact peoples lives, hopefully for the better.  Many days are filled with people who come to see me for anxiety/stress/panic issues and in the past my go-to drugs were anti-depressants and sedatives. Now after graduating from yoga teacher training my go-to drug is the breath. We, the Western world, breathe from mid-chest up into our jaw. Our stress increases and our breath decreases. We’re supposed to breath deep into our bellies and we barely get there.  Shallow breathing tells the brain we are in ‘flight or fight’ mode, the sympathetic nervous system. Good, deep, belly breaths allow the body to go into the parasympathetic or ‘rest and digest’ mode.

There are four ways the body gets rid of toxins and keeps homeostasis (balance): poop, pee, sweat and breath. For centuries Indian medicine has shown the endless benefits of breath, Prana or life force. The breath has shown to be effective in the bodies repair, recovery and overall function. Reports and studies have shown numerous benefits to the prana, including but not limited to:

– Decreasing blood pressure

– Decreasing heart rate

– Calming the mind

– Relaxing the body

– Boosts the immune system

– Slows the aging process

The easiest breath I can teach to my patients in my short visits are an extended exhale. I teach them that inhaling causes their blood pressure, heart rate and stress to go up and the exhale decreases blood pressure, heart rate and stress. So count inhale for 2-3 counts, hold for 2 counts and then exhale for 4-5, eventually building up to a 3:6 ratio breath. Think about pushing your belly out as you inhale and bringing your navel to your spine pushing out all the air from very bottom of your lungs all the way out into the world.

And just like that, you’ve stopped stressing!